Dragon Scribe Lite released — with no ads!

icon512-liteThe free, “lite” version of Dragon Scribe is available for download from the App Store. This version only has the easiest difficulty, “Easy”, whereas the full version of Dragon Scribe has “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard”, and “Expert”. Dragon Scribe Pro has all of these levels plus “Native” difficulty, which includes nearly 3,000 characters. All versions include English translation.

Sorry, I got lazy over the holidays and didn’t get ads in this version. ;-) Actually, I hate ads so that will probably never happen. But I have to pay rent like anyone else, so there is a popup suggesting you purchase the full Dragon Scribe that appears after playing the “lite” game 20 times. I’m not a big fan of nags, either, but this seemed like a decent compromise.

Anyhow, the Lite version is free and fun to play as a puzzle-matching game. It’ll also introduce you to the written Chinese language and to Dragon Scribe gameplay. Please tell your friends if you like it — you folks are, by far, my best advertisement — and consider dropping $.99 on the full version when you’re ready to step up to the challenge!


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